I’m Gillian and I am Otterly Creative. I have always had an interest in photography and, after being made redundant, turned back towards the camera. After purchasing my first DSLR camera and seeing the photos I could produce, I expanded my lens and camera kit, and also enrolled at Perth College UHI, to further expand my knowledge. On this course I learned a great deal more about photography, which helped my own photography skills get better. I also learned how to use Adobe Creative Suite, something that has been invaluable to me.

When I started back on the education path, I had no intention of going higher than the HND course, as, to be perfectly honest, I did not want to travel all the time to another university. I was happy with having the HND qualification and the ‘A’ for my graded units. There were only three students in my class who were definitely going on to degree courses elsewhere, and another couple who were applying. As my course was heading into it’s last quarter, we were approached to give our thoughts about a degree course. We wanted it, we said yes. So the course was created, and I found myself gaining a place. I graduated with a BA in Visual Design and Communication in 2013.

The skills and knowledge that I gained over those four years will no doubt be very helpful in my endeavour as Otterly Creative. A play on words of utterly creative mixed with one of my favourite animals, I hope that I can give my all for my clients and produce work that they would be happy to call their own.